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A dark shrouded figure ran through the dens trees, a group of zombies close on their heels, their groans growing ever closer. A spider lept down from the tree tip and landed on the poor soul, amber eyes glistened in the darkness as screams of pain arose into the night, blue hair stained red as the zombies tor them apart, the screams were cut off as the person's head war ripped off, eyes rolling into the skull, blood staining the ground a dark crimson.

Sky winced at the pressure applied to the long gash going up his forearm. It had been three days sense their friends died, sense they had escape Herobrine's wrath. The 6 friends were still adjusting to this new world of danger, with a potential threat at every end it was hard to avoid a fight. Various wounds adorned all of them, their clothing becoming torn in places, and blood was present in large stains.

"How much farther to the tree?"

"Not much, we should reach there in a few hours at best."

"At worst?"

"Half a day."

After Sky's wound was bandaged they headed back onto their way. For the most part everything was calm, the most ruble they had were a few zombies and the occasional spider. That is, until they reached a clearing.

The grass was stained darkly with blood, the decapitated and mangled corpse of a girl with long blue hair lay in the center. Her eyes were rolled into the back of her skull, her mouth looked as if it had been screaming when she died, which was probably what happened. Sky gritted his teeth, another victim of the mobs, how many more people would die before this was over? Who could say, right now it looked as if the only way to stop it all was if someone stood up to the dark lord himself, but no one would dare do something as crazy as that.

They continued walking for the better part of an hour before coming to a gigantic oak tree, a lader placed on the trunk went all they way up into the branches. "We're here." Sky climbed easily up the lader despite her wounded arm, Jerome, Quinton, Kermit, Mitch, and then Ethan followed in that order. The branches both his and sheltered the structure withing, an iron door was opened and lead into a cozy looking living space, a thick, deep and familiar laughter could be heard from the other room.

The 6 walked in to see Bodil laughing hard, one hand of his side as he laughed, Ant was sitting next to Captain Sparkles -or as every one refers to him as Jordan- enjoying freshly made cookies.

"Hi everyone."

Sky smiled an actual smile, if was the first one in three days, Ethan felt a small smile form on his own lips.

"Long time no see, where are the others?"

The smile faded fast.

"You know how discorded things have been?"

Ant nodded slowly with a confused look.

"Their... Ty, Jason, and Seto are dead, He killed them."

The three jumped from their sitting positions.

"But then, what?!"

"His link on me is broken, Seto in his death broke me free as one final gift, for three days we've been running from the mobs, we were nearly killed by a snow golem on the way here."

"So for three days you've been on the run to here, everyone else is presumed to be dead."

"Yes, Sky took it the hardest, their deaths, they died for him."

"Sky had had that link with Him sense when was 7, He has used that link to harm Sky in any way he can, to Sky, this is a miracle."

Ethan brushed a strand of autumn-burn hair out of his friend's face, the autumn-burn was zonked after the strenuous trip, his body was looking thin and frail.

"I worry every time I wake that this will be the last moment of safety, that the mobs will come in here and we'll all be doomed to run,"

"Yeah, we've already been doing just that, all the mangled bodies, the constant fear, the danger, it's harsh."

Ethan hoped the peace would last a bit longer, but all good things in this world of darkness end eventually, so all to soon danger would come.

A banging sound from outside woke Sky from his light sleep, he pushed a corner of the curtain out of the way only to partly wish he hadn't. Outside a hoard of spiders and spider riding skeletons had gathered, they were making their way through the branches into the inner most part, the place where the house was located. The golden eyes male ran into the hallway and began knocking on doors to awaken people.

"Hurry, A hoard of spiders and skellys are outside and will be here soon!"

That got people up and out. It had been a week sense Sky and friends came to Jordan's tree home, they had been safe for that time, but now that time was up. The group gathered supplies and tools, dressed in only night clothing they jumped down from a back exit, the mobs hadn't noticed, they would be safe for now, but they had to get away.

"Where do we go now? Our only home is gone."

"I don't know Kermit, I honestly-"

The blue haired youth was cut off by static sounding in his head, all of them heard it, Before them stood an enderman, eyes a cold purple that glowed in the night. Endermen were the worst, they attacked without warning and were hard to hit. Disappearing and reappearing in a moment, violet wisps trailing behind, everyone was helpless to watch the black creature claw Bodil over his left eye, 4 jagged lines trailing bright red, the enderman moved fast and caused more lines or red to bleed in the bloody moon light, Bodil was a bloody mess before anyone could help him, think red lines covered him form.

Deadly red stained black claws tor into the skin on Jordan's neck, tearing into the jugular, blood oozed heavily from the wound. Ant was the last, the tall mob appeared behind the raven haired male, it's clawed hand appearing in the center of his chest, his still beating heart in it's grasp. A thin line of blood leaked from a corner of him out, the arm yanked itself from the gaping wound and Ant slumped to the found, eyes wide. Rage blazed in Jordan's sky blue eyes as he charged at the murderous monster, stone blade in hand as anger fulled his wild attacks. Jordan cried out softly as sharpened claws cut into his throat, the black haired one gave out a few choked gurgled before falling back, blood seeping into the ground from the wounds on his neck.


Sky looked at Body who looked back with firm eyes.

"I'm a dead man already, it'll finish me off and give you time, JUST. GET. GOING!"

Ethan grabbed Sky's hand and ran as he gave their bleeding friend one last look. The trees his the 6 as they ran, a dieing scream echoed in the air before everything fell silent. 3 more friends were dead, and they had no where to run.
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more character death, and a bit more gruesome, next chapter might be a little fluffy just to jive you people a break, but this should be that last character death till the final battle
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